Artist inquiries

Dear booking agencies, dear artists!
Please apply only by email exclusively to

Please read the content of this page first. Only if these conditions fit, it makes sense that we talk more closely. Due to the large number of applications we do not have time to have a nice chat on the phone first. If we like something, we will contact you in any case. Thank you for your understanding!


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Our concept:

We only book artists whose music or performance really touches us and pleases us, and then we commit ourselves to organize a great event.

In principle we are open for many styles, but you can save time and inquiries if you want to play with a cover-, top-40- or tribute-band*. We exclude that from purely personal reasons. And we are no real „Blues fans“ either. We focus on small, rather acoustic formations with predominantly own material. If you take a look at the list (see below) of artists performing with us, you can get a feeling of what kind of music we like. In the end it is our personal „taste“ that decides. So if we don’t give an artist or a band the opportunity to perform at KulturGUT, this is not to be understood as a valuation. It just doesn’t fit everything.

We will contact you in any case if we are interested. As active musicians we know the hard side of booking. But since we run our venue in addition to our normal activities, we ask you not to call us on weekends. At some point we also have to recharge our „batteries“.

It’s best to add links to your performances on Youtube etc. to your performance requests via email. We’ll be happy to listen and have a look.
Thanks for understanding.

Please send inquiries exclusively by email to

Artists playing at the KulturGUT:Tango Transit, Franco Morone, Tony McManus, Piadeux, Christina Lux, Andrea Valeri, Sarah Lipfert, Michael Fix, Clive Carroll, Kosho & Wiedemann, Ian Melrose, Engelrausch, Ladies NYGHT, B.O.N.., Hanns York, Zimmertheater Speyer, Zane Charron, Biber Herrmann, Daniel Stelter, Sophie Knops, Markus Gahlen, Krümeltheater, Ryan Burns, Ralf Gauck, Agustin Amigo, Zelia Fonseca, Tilmann Höhn, Frau Kontrabass, Roberto Capitoni, Alltid, Raffaella Luna, Jens Kommnick, Maneli Jamal, Angela Frontera, Ali Neander, Lars Reichow, Annika Klar & Stefan Seitz, Les Brünettes, Engelrausch, Franco Morone, Thilo Martinho, Miu, Jessica Gall, Cristin Class, Don Alder, Peteri Sariola, Mike Dawes, Adam Rafferty, Stephanie Neigel, Les Brünettes, Sönke Meinen, Cafe del Mundo, Silvio Schneider, El Macareno, Ulf Kleiner, Caro Trischler, Beppe Gambetta, Michael Fix …

Our conditions:

Our admission price is currently 15 – 20 Euro.  From the gross income (= sales price times sold tickets minus 7 % VAT [if the artist should be exempt from sales tax or is taxable abroad] and minus Paypal fees) a share (between approx. 50-60% ) to be agreed upon goes to the artist. We pay Gema as well as our contribution to the artists‘ social insurance.

There are cheap accommodations within walking distance. We will be happy to help you with your booking. The costs for accommodation, travel and transport have to be paid by the artist.


We have about 50-60 seats, which are often sold out. The stage is 5×2 m large, therefore more suitable for smaller acts.  A very good AER PA system, Midas MR18 digital mixer, several monitor ways and a simple light (a follower and 4 LED incl. small light desk) are available. An own system is therefore not required and can only be used after prior consultation. Further details can be found under Equipment.

We don’t have a real backstage area, but a retreat for eating, staying and moving in the house. For artists known to us, we also offer a guest room in the house.

We are a small private organizer and receive about 100 applications per month. Since we only do about 2 events a month, we cannot consider all artists and ask for your understanding if it takes a little longer with the answer – we hardly manage to listen to everything promptly!

* Secretly we indulge in these styles and don’t want to dig our own water!!!!